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The care I was given was superb. I felt well taken care of. Would hire these people again in a heartbeat.

– Sonja Benjamin


My wife has dementia and family members were not successful in bathing her. We tried another senior care provider without success.

Sit Well Home Care Services was recommended by the Adult Day of Dunwoody where she is very well cared for and continues to be happy to attend. We interviewed the owners o fSit Well and agreed to try their services.

The caregiver they provided was able to bathe my wife on the first try, and has been doing so twice weekly ever since. The caregiver has become my wife’s friend and looks forward to her visits.

I am pleased to recommend both Sit Well and their caregiver very highly. They are caring. loving and effective senior care providers.

-George R. Tanguay


“My husband has Alzheimer’s disease and is 73 years old. He is at the stage where he he can no longer stay alone.

Thank goodness I met Don the owner of Sitwell a little over a year ago. He takes exceptional care of my husband which allows me the freedom to take care of errands and have personal time. As a result, Sitwell is my “go to” agency for companionship for my husband who I use without reservation.

There is an art to caring for another human that is disabled. It’s important to preserve their since of dignity while keeping them safe. Don of Sitwell has mastered that skill. In addition he approaches his time with my husband compassionately, with enthusiasm, and professionalism. My husband is always at ease with Don. As a result, I feel extremely comfortable with my husband being in the Don’s care and never worry.

It was important to me that I had a companion experienced with the personality challenges that occur with patients who have AD. Don does an exceptional job at distracting and calming my husband when he becomes frustrated or irritated.

Specific responsibilities include preparing light meals, going out for lunch or dinner (at my request), administering medication, light household chores, taking care of my 9mo old puppy, outings (such as going to park, walks, drives).

I strongly recommend Sitwell for home care services. I currently use the service 2-3 times per week and will do so for the foreseeable future.

– Gerri Dickerson


I have been extremly pleased with Don Sitwala the owner of Sitwell Home Services and his wife lena. They came highly reccomended by Dunwoody Adult Day Care and so I started using them. Everyone that they have sent me , including of course Don Sitwala have professional , very caring and very dependable. They even visited my husband in the hospital while he was sick. Their care is outstanding and they will do most anything you ask them to do – very helpful and considerate. I would highly reccomend them if you need day care help.

-Joann k Curnyn